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Recap: NZBRiC presentation to the CAPE Services Sector Study Tour to China

On August 10th, NZBRiC was delighted to present to a group of young New Zealand entrepreneurs on the North Asia CAPE Services Sector Study Tour to China.

NZBRiC invited key speakers in the NZBRiC community to share their sector knowledge with the group. Kourosh Asghari from CGP Group shared insights into China HR trends, company perspectives, and talent observations, Ariel Yan from United Media Solution (UMS) provided an overview of China's service trade evolution and opportunities, Brian Ji from Les Mills discussed their digitization journey and services in China, and Daniel Zou from Spring Sheep Milk shared insights into their China business model, cross border E-commerce and marketing localisation. NZBRiC would like to thank the speakers for their expertise and time.

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