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Membership Benefit

Thank you for your interest in New Zealand Business Roundtable in China ( “NZBRiC”).

NZBRiC is a not-for-profit representational platform established to promote New Zealand’s business interests in China.  

There are different levels of membership to suit both companies and individuals.

Membership Obligations

  • Be a Member with good standing in both New Zealand and China

  • Respect the reputation and the work of NZBRiC

  • Support and promote the goal and mission of NZBRiC

  • Help support the development and growth of NZBRiC

  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct and act with integrity and dignity

  • Conduct professional activities in a respectable manner which serves the best interest of NZBRiC

  • Respect the IP Usage policies or other policies of NZBRiC

  • Act in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of China

Membership Process

To become a valid Industry Representative and Corporate Member of NZBRiC, you need to fill out the appropriate NZBRiC Application Form, be approved through the review process and make corresponding payment. This process is detailed below.


1st Application

Download the Application form.


Fill up the Application form.

Email the form to:


NZBRiC Board reserves the right to take action against any member who violates the applicable law or fails to comply with any of NZBRiC’s policies as published on its website. Actions including cancellation of membership without refunds. 

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