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Recap: NZBRiC CEO Corner- ALDI Site Visit

On Wednesday the 31st of May, the New Zealand Business Roundtable in China (NZBRiC) attended a site visit of ALDI CHINA's new Suhewan store in Jing An. The site visit was an opportunity for NZBRiC members to meet with ALDI's lead buying team and hear insights into changes to China's retail landscape during and post-covid.

NZBRiC Member Zoe Li, Head of Sales and Marketing from MitoQ Limited said "E-commerce teams value data but often overlook real-world experience and insights. When activities like engaging with the ALDI team and immersing into the why behind certain retail operations, magical 'aha' moments unfold. Thank you NZBRiC and ALDI for providing this incredible event for executives to gain a deeper understanding of the China market".

NZBRiC would like to thank all the members who attended and a very big thank you to ALDI China's leadership team Roman Rasinger, Manging Director of Buying, Kristy Chen, Director of Buying and Bing Ren Director of Buying for their time and experience sharing.

One of NZBRiC's focusses this year is to be a platform for members to make meaningful connections to the wider China business community and provide learning opportunities that support members' business objectives in market.

Stay tuned for upcoming NZBRiC events and activities.

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