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Recap: Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reduction Event

On August 24th, NZBRiC in partnership with TERAO Asia and supported by the Irish Chamber of Commerce Shanghai hosted 'Best Practices: Carbon Footprint Calculation and Reduction, Energy Efficiency Optimization on Industrial Assets in China'.

NZBRiC Executive Director Anna-May Isbey opened the event and highlighted views expressed by New Zealand businesses surveyed in the recent NZBRiC Business Outlook Report, noting that 35% of businesses are unsure of the impact that China's dual carbon policy will have on their business.

Asia Business Development Director at TERAO Asia Gaspard Lemoine-Scelles led the informative briefing and covered; corporate carbon footprint assessment, carbon assessment at a building level, and case studies of carbon approaches on different building types.

NZBRiC wants to thank TERAO Asia for their time in educating our audience. We also want to thank all the guests who attended. As China seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, it is the right time for companies in China to start thinking about carbon footprint reduction across their in-market assets and supply chains to ensure they comply with China's carbon reduction policies and avoid costly mistakes. If you would like to connect with TERAO Asia to discuss your company's carbon reduction goals, email for a connection.

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