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Recap: ANZCO Board Dinner with NZBRiC Industry Members

On October 12th, NZBRiC Industry Members had an exclusive dinner with the Board of Directors from ANZCO who were visiting the market from New Zealand. The dinner was an opportunity for our respective Industry Members to share China-specific insights into their sectors and network with the ANZCO board in a private setting at Tang Court in the Langham Hotel. NZBRiC would like to thank our Industry Members who attended including Mark Anderton, Chair of NZBRiC and Executive General Manager of Global Sourcing at The Warehouse Group, Rocky Meng, Vice Chair of NZBRiC and Founder of Sparks Partners, David Boyle, CEO at PCNZ, Claire Tan, Head of Marketing at Silver Fern Farms and Linus Wang, Director of GSG Business New Zealand at ANZ Bank.

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