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Member News: United Media Solution (UMS) release of 'China Social Media Platforms Guide'

NZBRiC Member United Media Solution (UMS) has released a China Social Media Platforms Guide, a comprehensive deep dive into users, content, engagement, and advertising on social media in China.

Key Highlights:

  • Venture Beyond WeChat: Platforms like Little Red Book, Douyin, and Bilibili are emerging as formidable contenders to WeChat, especially among Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

  • Unlock Rich User Insights: Important insights into user behaviour across different platforms. These insights are essential for crafting compelling marketing strategies.

  • Maximise Your Ad Spend: Each platform in China offers unique advertising opportunities, our guide explores the advertising avenues for each to help brands achieve excellent visibility and engagement.

  • Target with Precision: With our guide's demographic insights, it is possible to identify new opportunities to target audiences as they move across different platforms and follow new trends.

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