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Member News: Grin Natural Kid's Toothpaste No.1 in Tmall for Double 11!

We love to see NZBRiC members crushing it - Well done Grin Natural on reaching the No.1 kids toothpaste on Tmall for Double 11 - fantastic achievement!

"We are proud of NZ-made Grin Kids Toothpaste as the NO.1 selling kid's toothpaste in Year 2023 Tmall Double 11. Grin toothpastes have sold over 1 million units via Tmall to Chinese consumers during 2023. More than 50% of customers in Tmall are repeat customers for Grin, they recognise the high quality of Grin products, and also value giving back to the community through the 'Share a Grin' initiative and appreciate the Brushing Challenge Chart for 30 days as a way to build good oral brush habits for their children.' - Grin Natural Co-Founder Leo Liu.

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