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NZBRiC End of Year Mixer 2022

We were so pleased to finally get all the members of 2022 for the NZBRiC End of Year Mixer after the organization AGM announced the chair of 2023.

The Mixer was hosting the in The Warehouse Group Shanghai office space on the 16th of November.

The Board Members, and Chair of 2022,Elizabeth Reid, gave the welcome speech, reviewed the organization's performance over the year, and announced the Chair of NZBRiC 2023, Mark Anderton.

Mark, also representing the organization, gave the farewell gift and thanked Elizabeth for her extraordinary contribution and leadership. Best wishes for her new role!

They issued the award trophy to Industrial, Governmental, Corporate, and Individual members year 2022. It is an honor to have everyone be part of the organization and have done incredible work and growth in the past year!

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