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Celebrating and Looking forward to the new year

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

NZBRiC held a Christmas celebration with members on Dec. 08 this year, including lively Christmas music, secret Santa with a twist, beverages, and some amazing kiwi food.

Secret santa had a twist, members were able to have fun stealing gifts and winning Christmas-themed prizes sponsored by The Warehouse and Silver Fern Farms. It is just one of many traditions when families reunite for Christmas in New Zealand. Fonterra, Zespri, Siver Fern Farms, Future Cuisine, and Babich Wine kindly sponsored the dinner and Christmas gifts.

It's never too soon to start thinking about what's coming next. The international market has changed radically over the last three years, and in ways that few could have predicted. What have we learned and overcome? Or what are we planning in 2023? Members shared thoughts and predictions in the discussions panel, especially in light of the sudden relaxation of Covid rules in China.

We do believe all the valuable experience, ingenuity and Kiwi’s natural resilience will prepare us to face the challenges and find opportunities in the coming years.

We are excited to see the re-opening step by step in the coming new year and members are looking forward to welcoming New Zealand visitors to China in the near future. NZBRiC is looking forward to support all ourmember's businesses in 2023.

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