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This is what a family does

Everyone was self-quarantined at home, and the entire street turned empty, which had never happened in the past 100 years. Food has become a luxury product and a fundamental need for everyone daily. It was tough to find food for most people, no matter how much you top up the price. Even got food resources, how transportation in a locked-down situation turned into a mission impossible.

NZBRiC, considering the typical situation, hope to arrange some food pack for each member of the Organization meanwhile help some members to deliver the arrangement to their staff. The whole process is much more challenging than you might think. The biggest challenge is finding transportation for more than 200 boxes of food to carry them across the biggest city in China during the shutdown system. We cannot imagine how many difficulties it overcame. The executive team eventually bought a lovely package of fruit and vegetables, including SFF meet sets, and delivered to 75 sports in a day, the 10th day of shut down city. Every member was so touched and stirred. The gift brought light to everyone walking in endless waiting.

NZBRiC was arranged for the second run delivery the week after, and nearly 30 sets will arrive at the main gate of each family member from UMS and Methven.

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