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Site Visit: NZ Traceability Pavilion & LRB Training

On Tuesday, September 19, NZBRiC in collaboration with Richora and with the support of Kea organized a site visit and training session at The New Zealand Traceability Brand Pavilion in Shanghai, a free live streaming resource for New Zealand companies. Following this, there was an onsite training where the trainer and founder of Yi Xuan Media took attendees through an advanced deep dive on the social media platform Little Red Book. The whole session was delivered in Chinese.

The New Zealand Traceability Brand Pavilion officially opened on June 6, 2023, in the Mixc of Shanghai. It showcases over 200 products from more than 30 New Zealand brands. On June 29, 2023, a delegation of over 40 CEOs from renowned New Zealand brands, led by the New Zealand Prime Minister, visited the Traceability Pavilion. Four of these CEOs personally participated in traceability live broadcasts, which were well-received. By the end of August, two popular TikTok influencers were invited to New Zealand to conduct authentic traceability live broadcasts. The first broadcast, led by Luo Fengkui, achieved impressive sales, exceeding 30 million RMB.

Yi Xuan, the founder of Yi Xuan Media, serves as a content marketing consultant for numerous publicly listed companies and leading brands. With 11 years in the content marketing industry, she has a keen focus on the Xiao Hong Shu platform and hands-on marketing strategies on Xiao Hong Shu. She has provided her services to over 200 top brands both domestically and internationally.

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